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GAP Holdings
Мальта www.gap.com.mt
Сфера деятельности компании:
Девелопер (застройщик элитной недвижимости)
О компании
GAP Holdings Ltd is an amalgamation of the experience of Mr. George Muscat, Chairman of the group, together with the enthusiasm & dynamism of Mr. Paul Attard & Mr. Adrian Muscat as Directors. The need to further expand their operations and resources arose so in 2004, whereby a new premises, as head office of the group was inaugurated in Tigne’, Sliema. This was a landmark in the Company’s expansion, and today it employs ten persons directly and hundreds of other indirect workers on its developing property sites. The Company takes pride in the quality of its work. Each development is researched and tailored to the lifestyle requirements of clients. The experience team is always looking to improve on design and quality which allows their developments to stand out in the market place.
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